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Montreal's week night Hash
We're a drinkers' club with a running problem. We gather about once a week, usually on week nights and on full moon nights to run a trail laid out by one of our own and drink the golden fluid to replenish ourselves afterward. Most of the time we'll run from (and back to) a pub in the downtown area. The trail length is usually six to eight kilometers, with plenty of checks and some false trail to slow down the Front Running Bastards and keep the pack together.
Our next runs

I'll hare WEDNESDAY NIGHT, September 8th, from Dieu du Ciel Brewpub at 29 Laurier West at 7.30pm Standard Hash Time. We'll meet in front.

Need a map? Check out


On On!

Fig Leaf

On On!

Fig Leaf

How can I join the run?
Just show up at a run. A 5-7$ contribution is asked of each participants to cover the first round of refreshments and the ceremonial down-downs. You don't need to be able to run 8km to participate. Some Hashers walk. Some Hashers walk and run. Some just hold up the bar.

We need more pictures!
Hey Hashers! If you've taken some digital pictures at the Hash recently, please send me a few! It would be helpful to show more what the hash is about on this site.

Hares needed!
Your Moon Hash needs hares! Send me an email to grab the date you want to lay trail now.

Wig Thief

Grand Master of the M2H3

Questions? Send an email